About True Light Baptist Church

To consider or view True Light Baptist Church means to look within one’s heart and focus on a body of baptized believers set apart for the service of the Master. The building is housed on holy ground; it is built on the foundation of love; it is a Church where Jesus Christ is Lord, and it has a people with the spirit of Christ.

inside church

For nearly seventy years, God has been ordering our steps, and pointing brethren to the way of the Cross. It is through this medium that we have been able to work together as a family, and have been able to withstand the forces of evil that have attempted to tear us apart. We are here because of God’s grace, and our goal is to daily win one more soul for Christ.

Our Pastor, the Reverend Dennis R. Hebert, Sr. is steadfast in his beliefs, passionate in his love for God and the church, and unwavering in the ways of righteousness. He thrives on feeding his followers with need for salvation, and with a message of hope. We invite you to share in our vision and growth in the Lord.

Our Mission Statement

Under the direction of the Holy Spirity, the mission of the True Light Baptist Church is to minister to the intellectual, physical, emotional and spiritual needs of all people by spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ through words, actions, and deeds.

Our Purpose

  • To communicate God’s word

  • To celebrate God’s presence

  • To assimilate God’s family

  • To educate God’s peoples

  • To demonstrate God’s love

The Dennis R. Hebert Sr Archive and Resource Center

The Dennis R. Hebert, Sr. Archive and Resource center was established December 5, 2005 for the preservation of historically significant documents and other materials which reflect the church’s origin, history, development, activities and achievements of its members and benefactors.

The purpose of the archives program is to collect, preserve and make accessible materials pertaining to the history of the True Light Baptist Church and its members. Historical materials are the property of the Archives and Resource Center and are made accessible to church members and the community at large in accordance with church policy. Some records are made accessible only to authorized representatives of the church. Authorization must be in writing and signed by Pastor or other authorized person.

The Archives and Resource center will collect and make available to the church members and the community at large resources to assist and enhance their lives.